Femdom Army Member's Section Updates

Smothering the life out of him-part 1

Added: Tuesday February 6th
Models: Lucy

Description: in part 1 Lucy tells her slave she wants to "mess around" and when he hesitates she slaps him and makes him lay down on the bed.She subjects him to some harsh forward facesitting with hos just... [more]

The ass from heaven-part 1

Added: Sunday February 4th
Models: Alison

Description: Alison is over 6 feet tall and 170 pounds and being under her ass is amazing.It feels like a big,soft pillow.She makes me eat it and smothers my face with it while her friend Violet records it and... [more]

Dommes worship each other

Added: Sunday February 4th
Models: Reese Tangent

Description: Well..I started this clip off as a solo foot clip with girls putting their soles in into the camera but that didn't last long.Reese got on her knees and went straight for Tangent's feet.They both... [more]

Aries sessions-volume 12 w behind the scenes

Added: Friday February 2nd

Description: This clip starts off with about 90 seconds of Aries telling me about some incident at a car rental place.You get to see what her personality is like before she settles in on my face for facesitting... [more]

Krissy Lynn in tight pants

Added: Friday February 2nd
Models: Krissy

Description: Krissy Lynn's round,tight butt will hypnotize you when she is reverse sitting in this clip.It looks so big and she spreads her butt so the slave's face goes right up in it and is smothered between... [more]

Aries sessions-volume 11

Added: Wednesday January 31st
Models: Aries

Description: Aries smothers me while wearing her panties.She talks kinda crude in this clip and ends up getting on all 4 and raising her ass in the air and makes me go to work. [more]

All over his face-with behind the scenes

Added: Wednesday January 31st
Models: Brooke B

Description: Brooke's big butt grinds and smothers the guy's face in this clip.She buries his nose in her ass and does some sensual bouncing so his nose goes far up in between her soft butt cheeks.The camera... [more]

Aries sessions-volume 9-part 2

Added: Monday January 29th

Description: Lots of asshole sniffing and ass worship while she sits on top of my face. [more]

Vicious bitch in boots-part 2

Added: Monday January 29th
Models: Reese

Description: In part 2 Reese gets more and more rough.She unloads a barrage of punches to the slave's gut while she is sitting reverse on his face.She seems to just have one goal in mind and that is to make him... [more]

Aries sessions-volume 9-part 1

Added: Saturday January 27th

Description: Typical clip with Aries filled with facesitting, ass licking and asshole sniffing.She loves it! [more]

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