Femdom Army Member's Section Updates

The party's on his face-part 1

Added: Thursday April 19th
Models: Charley Emy

Description: Part 1 is all forward smother with the shoot slave's face buried under two different pussies (although you do get a view from behind when Emy spreads her cheeks on his face so he has better access... [more]

Cheyenne in tight pants-part 2

Added: Tuesday April 17th
Models: Cheyenne

Description: part 2 is lots of really hot looking reverse facesitting with the slave suffering under Cheyenne's big,muscular ass. [more]

Aries sessions-volume 21

Added: Tuesday April 17th

Description: Aries smothers my face in a reverse facesit.Her ass gets spread and she tells me to sniff her asshole.She lays down sideways and makes me lick saying things like "that's where I shit from and... [more]

Cheyenne in tight pants-part 1

Added: Sunday April 15th
Models: Cheyenne

Description: Cheyenne is a competitive wrestler with a dominant side that she likes to show off.She quickly takes the slave down and settles in on his face in some tight fitting pants that make her ass look... [more]

Eris peeing and rips one

Added: Sunday April 15th
Models: Eris

Description: Eris sits down to pee and when she is done she rips one right in the camera [more]

I can breathe so who cares-part 2

Added: Friday April 13th
Models: Lynn

Description: part 2 is all nude facesitting/smother action with Lynn. [more]

Lynn becomes a facesitter

Added: Friday April 13th
Models: Lynn

Description: Lynn came out to California all the way from Miami to try some facesitting.Here is her very first attempt at it. [more]

I can breathe so who cares-part 1

Added: Thursday April 12th
Models: Lynn

Description: In part 1 Lynn smothers the shoot slave in her panties for most of the clip and gets naked towards the end.She looks and talks into the camera with that devilish smile of hers making the clip that... [more]

Lucy in tight underwear

Added: Wednesday April 11th
Models: Lucy

Description: Lucy has on some tight undies and she wraps the shoot slave's face in between her strong legs and his face gets stuck in her cotton covered clit.I like the reverse sitting as you see his nose go up... [more]

Face grinded and face fucked

Added: Monday April 9th
Models: Lilly

Description: Lilly is a thick and chunky girl that is pretty horny.She climbs aboard the shoot slave's face and immediately begins to grind on it.Her panties stick to her body because they are so tight and you... [more]

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